Spatial Inequality in Reykjavik

Titill: Spatial Inequality in Reykjavik
Tegund: Kafli í ritstýrðri bók
Útgefandi: Actar, Barcelona, 2014
Efnisorð: Borgarfræði, Arkitektúr
Lýsing: The neoliberal experiment, which was undertaken in Iceland from the 1990s up to the financial collapse of 2008, generated unprecedented inequality, not just in the country’s income distribution1 but in the built environment as well. I intend to outline the spatial inequality that has emerged in the city of Reykjavik. Two urban artefacts are examined through Sennett’s concept of ‘The Open City’,2 which gives us the instrument to value their spatial definition. This chapter is part of the book edited by Arna Mathiesen: Scarcity in Excess.